As part of our mission to foster a healthy learning environment for each of our students, JPC funds the following programs (not all programs available every year):

  • Literacy Nights:  Held throughout the year in our library to promote literacy and the Jefferson community.
  • Teacher Stipends: Each teacher receives $100 from JPC for use in their classroom each fall.
  • 2nd Chance Breakfast: A morning food program designed to fill bellies, resulting in better concentration in the classroom. JPC is funding the low income students who otherwise wouldn’t get this second chance at breakfast each morning.
  • Foreign Language Program: An all-inclusive language program which had all our students learning French and Spanish this past school year.
  • Staff Appreciation & Support: All programs throughout the year to show our appreciation and support of Jefferson’s staff – coffee & cookie mornings, Teacher Appreciation week, etc.
  • Community Building: Open houses, HEF Carnival, Halloween Carnival, Walk/Bike to School, Lazer Skate Night, etc.
  • Grade Level Grants: A new program in 2019-2020 to support teacher’s requests for ‘bigger ticket’ items for classrooms and students. Each grade was eligible for $1,000 and was awarded funds based on their grant requests throughout the year.
  • Reading Programs: One School, One Book program (numerous schools and students reading the same book to help build a sense of community across the District) or Global Read Aloud (teachers are provided with a set of books for their classroom to read aloud to their students with global story themes).
  • Gala: Although JPC is actively involved in the Gala held each year at Jefferson Elementary School, the accounting for this event is kept separate from the main JPC funds. All donations and purchases from the Gala are reinvested into integrating fine and performance art into Jefferson’s core curriculum.

JPC Budget 2022-2023

In development!

*Our JPC bylaws require a $2,000 carryover each fiscal year to cover expenses at the beginning of the school year.