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Jefferson Elementary School raised $335 in donations via the Greater Helena Gives campaign. A very sincere thank you to our 8 donors! We appreciate your support and our initiative for new playground equipment!


Next Meeting (Virtual)
Thursday, May 12, 2022
5:30-7 Teams

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month!


The mission of JPC is to foster a vibrant and healthy learning and social environment at Jefferson Elementary for all students through a meaningful engagement of and support for teachers and families.

What we fund:

  • ALL field trips for students
  • New books for our library
  • Supplemental curriculum supplies for classrooms
  • Art & Culture Residencies that work with our students throughout the year
  • Computers for students
  • Playground equipment and beautification of grounds

The benefits of being involved in your child’s school:

  • Discuss accomplishments and concerns with our principal
  • Celebrate Jefferson’s successes
  • Share your talents
  • Make friends

Council Members:

Meghan Wirth, Chair
Rachel Carroll Rivas, Vice-Chair
Leann Murphy, Treasurer
Shantel Hosking, Secretary
Jason Danielson, Volunteer Coordinator

Learn more about our members on our JPC Officer page!
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