Halloween Carnival

Join us Saturday, October 26th, from 11:00am to 2:00pm for our Annual Halloween Library School Carnival! Students (and parents!) are welcome to wear their Halloween costumes to this fun filled afternoon of games and ghouls! All proceeds will go to purchasing new high-quality library books for y(our) students to enjoy year after year! Buy game/raffle tickets ahead of time at the school office starting Monday, October 21st for 5/$1.00. Tickets for games/raffles are 4/$1.00 at the door, so get yours early!!

Snacks and water will be available for $.50 – $1.00 each or you can use tickets to purchase!

Please contact Jill Putnam at jputnam@helenaschools.org for more information.

(4th and 5th graders or older siblings are welcome to sign up to work a game shift, as long as they act responsibly and have adult permission)